About Us

To provide key consulting, implementation (turnkey), and installation services to both public (governmental) and private sector entities. Solai & Cameron specializes in strategy, operations, supply chain, logistics, project management, process improvement, staffing, hardware sourcing, software sourcing, and training for all typesnational and international clients.

Our Services

Solai & Cameron has extensive experience in providing cutting edge Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services to clients on a global platform. Today organisations are turning to the vast pools of corporate information residing in their collective networks to unlock key trends and make better decisions..

Business model and strategy

Solai & Cameron's ability to win a substantial portion of business whether through bidding directly (sole sourcing) or partnering with larger firms (i.e. existing channel partners) to complete a bid. Solai & Cameron’s primary focus is on these governmental entities that must meet the mandates for minority


Our Vendors